Florida Business Working Capital Program For Impaired
Credit Business Owners In Florida!

Working Capital Benefits at a Glance For Florida Business Owners.
Use Your Future Bank Deposits For Fast Cash Flow!

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Business Working Capital Cash Flow

If you don't have alternative financing resources at hand or your local bank has turned you down for a loan and your personal credit is impaired, look no further call us today for help!   The power of the Bank Statement Program is that capital can be raised not based on your credit worthiness alone! Business Bank Statement Program Rather, it can be funded on the future bank deposit receivables from your customers!

Business Bank Statement ACH Program

How To Increase Your Company's Cash Flow

The problem with the small business owner is that they do not think big enough,they need to think like a Fortune 500 Business in order to bring in the big ideas. Also, let me be so bold to state that your business may be suffering and needs a cash infusion!

So lets face the facts; if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will watch your business continue down the same path! You know time is money, right, so how much of both are you able to invest in your business.

Start Expanding In 8 Easy Steps!

Step #1 You must do as the Fortune 500 do even if your company is small or in a growth stage!

Step #2 The time value of money! The more money you have now (this moment) the more you use in growing your business to earn more money. It is a rolling effect and it keeps going but you must get started with the right program for your business!

Step #3   Do not go thinking like a small business again, you have got to think like the Fortune 500. You have to know how to use this new gained cash wisely!

Step #4   Start using the increased cash flow to offset recurring expenses! Call your vendors and negotiate better terms for paying earlier (2-5% discount for paying off your bills within 10 days)! You may think your vendors do not offer a discount, well call them up and negotiate with them, do not accept their non-sense and baloney. If they tell you they can not afford to give you a discount, just explain to them the concept of the time value of money!

Step #5   Buy inventory or have extra cash for payroll and get more sales orders completed. Get your inventory into your customers hands so they do not lose out on sales. Or have the cash for payroll for a new customer order on filling a contract labor deal, then business really begins to soar!

Step #6   You now have the power (money) to buy larger quantities at substantial savings. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate, money talks, nobody walks.

Step #7   Use the extra cash flow to start targeted direct mail marketing programs! Because this will increase your customer base so you can take advantage of increased sales from this great opportunity and reel in the extra business!

Step #8   Not all Advances are created equal! Get prepared to take your business to new heights and secure the stability of cash flow, peace of mind, control, reduced stress, improved planning and time to focus on what is critical to making money!

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Tampa  |  Daytona Beach  |  Fort Myers  |  Jacksonville  |  Miami  |  Miami Beach  |  Naples  |  Saint Petersburg  |  Sarasota  |  Tallahassee  |  West Palm Beach  |  Saint Augustine  |  Ocala  |  Orlando  |  Altamonte Springs  |  Boca Raton  |  Bradenton  |  Clearwater  |  Coral Gables  |  Deerfield Beach  |  Delray Beachh  |  Fort Pierce  |  Fort Walton Beach  |  Gainesville  |  Hallandale Beach  |  Hialeah  |  Hollywood  |  Homestead  |  Kissimmee  |  Lakeland  |  Lake Worth  |  Melbourne  |  Miramar  |  New Smyrna Beach  |  Ormond Beach  |  Palm Bay  |  Palm Harbor  |  Pensacola  |  Pinellas Park  |  Plantation  |  Pompano Beach  |  Port St. Lucie  |  Sunrise  |  Winter Park  |  Sanford  |  Titusville  |  Wesley Chapel  |  Port Charlotte  |  Largo  |  Margate  |  Palm Coast  |  Pembroke Pines  |  Plant City  |  Port Orange  |  Riverview

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