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Title Loans Los Angeles

Title Loans Los Angeles

Car Title Loans California is Changing the Way We Look at Title Loans in Los Angeles:

Car title loans: these words were once associated with high interest rates and the impossibility of paying back the loan. Things have changed a lot since the early days when less-than-reputable agencies opened their doors and started making loans on pink slips. Federal laws have paved the way for more reputable agencies to offer loans that are easier to pay back and provide quick access to cash. If you own your vehicle, you may have built up equity that you can access through a car title loan. LA agency, Car Title Loans California can provide you with a loan that is easy to pay back without becoming a burden to you.

Unfortunately, those early loan agencies have done a lot of damage to the reputation of others who make title loans in Los Angeles. We hear from customers nearly every day with misconceptions about our services, and we try to do our part to reeducate the community about what we do. If you thought a car title loan was equivalent to borrowing money from a loan shark, you’re probably operating under the misguided information that has been passed down through the years. Let us examine what a car title loan is and what it is not:

Under old Federal law, a car title agency could charge any rate of interest, and even loan money to clients they knew would not be able to pay back the loan. This almost guaranteed the client would default on their loan and the agency would be able to keep the vehicle. No wonder they established such a negative reputation throughout any community they did business in.

Car Title Loans, California would rather make it easy to pay back your loan. We believe repeat business from happy customers will go further in the long run than making loans that our customers find difficult to pay back. Our affordable-interest short-term loans on pink slips are determined by the value of your vehicle and the amount of your income. While we do look at credit history, we rely more on your ability to pay back the loan than on your past history when it comes to how much we can loan on your vehicle. In rare circumstances, we can even make second loans on vehicles while you are paying back another title loan.

You can find out how much your vehicle is worth instantly by using our online tools or by stopping in to our LA location. When it comes to title loans in Los Angeles, nobody does it like our pros from Car Title Loans California. No gimmicks, no tricks, just an honest loan at an honest rate of interest. We make loans on cars, trucks, SUVs, RV, and other vehicles to enable you to access your vehicle’s equity quickly and easily. We’re available to answer questions by phone or through our FAQ section.


Title Loans Los Angeles
Car title loan California
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