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Credit Impaired Working Capital

Business Credit Card ACH Funding Program!

Use Your Future Bank Deposit Receivables For Fast Funds!


Small Business Funding

If you don't have alternative financing resources at hand or your local bank has turned you down for a loan and your personal credit is impaired, look no further call us today for help!   The power of the Credit Card Merchant Program is that capital can be raised based on your merchant statements and not your credit worthiness! Business Bank Statement Program It is funded on the future credit receipts from your customers!

The Business Credit Card Funding Program!

Benefits of Funding Program:

NO Reporting To Credit Agencies!
NO Perfect Credit Needed!
NO Collateral!


No Points!
No Fixed Payment Schedule!
No Monthly Checks To Write!
No Impact To Qualify For Other Financing!
No Business Use Restrictions On The Funding!
No Hassles - Quick 1 Page Application & Fast Funding!


High Approval Rate!
Up to 50% More Money Than Competitors!
Simple 1 Page Application! Use For Any Business Purpose!


Unsecured Funding!
No Collateral!
Flexible Payments!
No Points


Pre-Qualified Within 72 Hours!
Funded Within 10 Business Days!

Qualifying for a business loan in today's economy is difficult. A typical business loan involves many hurdles for a small business owner, including: excessive paperwork, a lengthy approval process, low approval rates, collateral and personal guarantees for security, fixed monthly payments, and restrictions related to use of funds.

By comparison, our business cash advance offers a streamlined process that provides a simple one page application and immediate unsecured funding from $10,000-$250,000. You will further benefit from high approval rates, minimal credit requirements, and a flexible repayment process that is directly tied to your business' sales volume. All of these features provide you with immediate access to funds that you can use for any business purpose.

Cash When Yo Need It Most!

Some businesses find themselves needing capital to grow and manage their business. At times, these businesses are unlikely to obtain a traditional bank loan because of unacceptable debt to income ratios or low personal or business credit scores!

Many businesses, no matter how well they are run, cannot qualify for traditional bank loans due to personal credit issues, too few years in business and/or limited cash reserves.

When a cash flow need strikes, they face few smart alternatives to the bank, and owners must turn to family money, personal loans, and or cash advance companies like BRT.

The Business Bank Program bridges the gap between bank loans and factoring products such as merchant cash advances.

The Business Bank Statement Program enables you to use the strength of working capital to manage demands of your business.