Business Bank Funding Program For Credit Impaired
And Cash Flow Constrained Business!

Use Your Future Bank Deposit Receivables For Fast Funds!


The Business Bank Statement Program uses a proprietary funding platform to assess small businesses on cash flow, business performance, and payment behaviors. With a broader understanding of your business, we're able to lend to you when other lenders may not!

The Program: Daily Direct Debit Payments - Increases your success for timely payment! and Lower Total Finance Cost - Principal is reduced faster by daily payments! and Tuned to Your Business - Focus on cash flow and payments, not credit!

Eligible Business Must Have Yearly Revenue of $100,000 to qualify!
Minimum FICO Credit Score - 500!
Minimum 3 Months In Business!
Average Monthy Bank Deposits of $10,000!
Positve Ending Bank Balance!
Completed 1 Page Application!
6 Months Bank Statements - All Pages!
Term - 3 to 24 Months!
Based On Business Bank Deposits!

Business Bank Statement Program

Advantages Of The Business Bank Statement Program:

Financing  A Quick and High rate of Approval!
Business Financing  No costly applications and complicated paperwork!
Business Loans  Funding within five to ten business days!
Business Loan  Businesses turned down for traditional financing can be funded!
Financing  Not required to put up real estate or personal assets as collateral!
Financing  Payback is typically based on cash flow activity!
Financing  Ongoing source of capital!
Financing  Immediate access to working capital for your business!
Financing  Strengthens a companys financial statement and credit ranking!
Financing  Businesses that can't qualify for traditional bank financing!
Financing  Allows owners to separate their business from their personal assets!
Financing  Extremely easy and flexible compared to any other type of financing!
Business Cash Advance  Rapid Approvals and Funding!
Business Cash Advance  Fixed Payment Schedule!
Cash Advance  Completely Automated Payback!
Cash Advance  Fast - Easy - Convenient!
Business Cash Advance  Lacking Excellent Credit Scores!
Business Cash Advance  You can receive funding in as little as 10 days!