UnBankable Business Owners Get Nation-Wide Funding Working Capital Funding! + More Information: ‘Now THAT’S a ratings killer!’ Clown Jim Acosta makes the next logical career move [pics] + MORE 05/17/2018

What Is The Principle Behind
Business Cash Flow Funding? – Click Here For Info!

Business Cash Flow works in the same manner as that of invoice factoring. The process of invoice factoring involves selling of sales ledger or a specific part of the sales ledger to a group of lenders or individual lender. It provides

immediate cash to the company and the sales lender gets paid when the pending ledger invoices of the company are settled.

With business funding, the business sells its revenue stream that will be received by future credit card receipts against the business. The process starts by evaluation of sales from credit cards for a given period of time and a certain portion of this amount is paid to the owner as cash advance. The lender receives the money from those sales after they are made.

In both of these cases, there is a fee involved depending on the amount of cash advance which is charged by the lender. Depending upon the terms of the agreement, fee amount and other costs vary accordingly. The rate of interests depends on the level of risk and flexibility offered from the funding group.

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Sigh. How many times do we have to see this? It’s the MS-13 thugs the president was referring to as “animals,” not all immigrants:

Cómo se dice racist? https://t.co/Z8ua4e2BcD
PLUS: Trump calls immigrants "animals" https://t.co/bTGQXEWEDA
An early look at Thursday's front… pic.twitter.com/arWN3PltuP
— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) May 17, 2018

Or does the NY Daily News think that MS-13 gang members aren’t “animals”?

No, guys, he called MS-13 "animals…

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Set those DVRs, folks! Jim Acosta’s taking his act to Kimmel:

Tonight! CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim @Acosta joins @JimmyKimmelLive at 11:35/10:35c on ABC. #Kimmel pic.twitter.com/if6DyFKFYe
— CNN Communications (@CNNPR) May 16, 2018


No, this not a meme. pic.twitter.com/tTIJ6KtdNJ
— Matt’s Idea Shop (@MattsIdeaShop) May 17, 2018

It’s really happening. Like, for real:

Backstage at #Kimmel with Jim @Acosta pic…

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Ancient Egypt has fascinated the imagination since we first cleaned the sands away from the Great Sphinx. For the past two centuries, it has been an obsession for archaeologists and historians. It is a land whose mysteries we have spent years slowly unraveling. Even after all this time, though, there is still a great deal […]
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More than 20 billion LEGO bricks are made each year in the LEGO factory located in Billund, Denmark. These sets go on to be used in a variety of ways, with one scientist suggesting that there are over 915 million ways to combine six blocks. Many people use LEGOs to assemble a variety of miniature […]
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As Twitchy told you, Alyssa Milano thought she had Dana Loesch backed into a corner when confronted Loesch with dubious evidence of Russia using the NRA to influence the 2016 election. Needless to say, Milano’s attempt to shame Loesch didn’t work out very well for her. Evidently Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu thought he’d have better luck:

In March I sent a letter to @NRA asking specific questions about interactions with Russians…

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Complete disengagement is impossible, but both Washington and Beijing envision a day when they don’t need each other as much to power their economies.

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It’s genuinely refreshing to see a mainstream media outlet call the “peaceful protesters” in Gaza what they are: terrorists. Too bad they couldn’t quite bring themselves to do it more forcefully than this:

Opinion: Most of the people killed in the Gaza violence this week were affiliated with a terrorist organization https://t.co/5hd70raNqG pic.twitter.com/e7xS228mMr
— Business Insider (@businessinsider) May 16, 2018


'Opinion' https://t…

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U.S. housing starts, building permits fall sharply

– http://www.reuters.com/USVideoBusiness

U.S. homebuilding tumbled in April and permits fell, suggesting the housing market continued to tread water amid shortages of land and skilled labor. Aleksandra Michalska resports.

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