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Companies have often used celebrities to push their goods or services. Most of the time, this works out well. Actors, musicians, and athletes have a wide reach and come with a built-in fan base that shows genuine interest in the products they endorse. Not all company-celebrity pairings are made in Heaven, though. Some of them […]
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10 Selfies That Went Awry

– listverse.com

Some observers of society say we live in a narcissistic age in which, more and more, many of us act as though we’re the center of the universe. Judging by the selfie phenomenon, it’s hard to argue against such pundits’ claims. While selfies are a way of getting the 15 minutes of fame that Andy […]
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There are thousands of reports of strange lights in the skies, even of close contact with apparent vehicles from other parts of the galaxy. But reports of such craft crash-landing and being recovered by our collective governments are a little more few and far between—not to mention a lot less believed. Regardless, there are many […]
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Congratulation to the American team, winners of the prestigious Presidents Cup golf trophy for the “seventh straight time“:

The matches are complete – final score of the 2017 #PresidentsCup:#USTeam – 19#IntlTeam – 11 pic.twitter.com/xVLy9yaNkV
— Presidents Cup (@PresidentsCup) October 1, 2017

President Trump himself was on hand for the trophy presentation:

Another historic moment at #PresidentsCup! For the first time in the event's history, the sitting President is presenting the trophy…

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It’s common knowledge that Jesus died a violent death after being nailed to a cross and hung to die. But what’s not as commonly known is that His disciples also died extremely violent deaths. Some of them died almost like Jesus did. Others died similarly but with a few differences. Still others died completely different, […]
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A man was shot and killed in Marseille, France after he stabbed two women to death. According to witnesses, he shouted “Allahu akbar” during his attack.

BREAKING: French interior minister says some witnesses reported hearing assailant in Marseille knife attack shout "Allahu akbar."
— The Associated Press (@AP) October 1, 2017

Knife-attack in Marseille. 2 dead. Attacker shouted "allahu akbar"…

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Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch arrived at Sunday’s game wearing a shirt that reads “Everybody vs. Trump.”

Marshawn Lynch just rolled up to the game wearing a "Everybody vs. Trump" shirt. pic.twitter.com/bvgiZUDt6m
— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) October 1, 2017

Of course, it was an immediate hit on the Left.

I have so much love for Marshawn Lynch. The man marches to the beat of his own drummer…

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As self-employed work forces and nontraditional work contracts proliferate, governments and courts are considering tougher protections.

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