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What Is The Principle Behind
Business Cash Flow Funding? – Click Here For Info!

Business Cash Flow works in the same manner as that of invoice factoring. The process of invoice factoring involves selling of sales ledger or a specific part of the sales ledger to a group of lenders or individual lender. It provides

immediate cash to the company and the sales lender gets paid when the pending ledger invoices of the company are settled.

With business funding, the business sells its revenue stream that will be received by future credit card receipts against the business. The process starts by evaluation of sales from credit cards for a given period of time and a certain portion of this amount is paid to the owner as cash advance. The lender receives the money from those sales after they are made.

In both of these cases, there is a fee involved depending on the amount of cash advance which is charged by the lender. Depending upon the terms of the agreement, fee amount and other costs vary accordingly. The rate of interests depends on the level of risk and flexibility offered from the funding group.

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With the use of social media, Jenna Jameson has definitely started to make a name for herself in political circles. Whether she’s defending fellow Jews, supporting General Mattis or fighting against the Left when they try and stomp on free speech, Jenna hasn’t been shy about sharing her opinions. Which is why it should come as no surprise that some are starting to wonder if Jenna may actually run for political office someday…

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After years in the making, Mama director Andres Muschietti’s remake of Stephen King’s IT was released on September 8, 2017. Like many of you out there, we made sure to grab our tickets in advance and hit the first screening available to the public. Truer to the source material than the 1990 miniseries starring Tim […]
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Amid horror film gridlock, “Mother!” becomes the latest misfire for Paramount. But CBS and Lionsgate scores with “American Assassin.”

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Well this is just unacceptable.
Google is RACIST! No really …

Google, Twitter let advertisers target racist keywords, reports say https://t.co/SmMinXPOVm pic.twitter.com/TOfVYfMe9s
— CBS News (@CBSNews) September 17, 2017

From CBS News:
Anyone who uses Google has seen internet ads pop up that bear an uncanny similarity to something they’ve been searching for. But that ad-targeting technology appears to have a dark side…

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Here’s something a little lighter as we get ready to start a new week: a dog that’s trained to retrieve the kicking tee at Boise State home games:

The Boise State kicking tee returner is a confirmed 10/10 good boy pic.twitter.com/KUzF2v8WvS
— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) September 17, 2017

And here’s a bonus something lighter: “spider cat”:

"spider cat, spider cat…

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Suicide is a tragic reality that will affect most of us at some point in our lives. Those of us who have already had experience with suicide often struggle to understand how it reached that point, but we also know how Earth-shattering and devastating it can be for those left behind. But as difficult as […]
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A lot of movies are open to interpretation. Sometimes this is due to the director’s vision; other times it’s due to the director’s lack of vision. Even if a movie seems straightforward, that won’t stop dedicated fans from debating things others consider a foregone conclusion. That leads to the appearances of many fan theories that […]
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Equifax loses two top tech execs as Warren probes

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Two Equifax executives overseeing security and technology ‘retired’ effectively immediately Friday in wake of the massive breach that has sparked an investigation by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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