UnBankable Business Owners Get Funding Working Capital Funding! + More Information: Brian Fallon reveals Team Hillary’s ‘new closing argument’ — but it’s HIGHLY problematic + MORE 10/25/2016

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Really poor wording considering the hikes… https://t.co/6orqtc2va1
— Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow) October 25, 2016

As Twitchy told you yesterday, the Obama administration confessed in a new report to the truth we’ve known for years: Obamacare premiums are set to shoot up by double-digit percentages next year. The news made a lot of Obamacare cheerleaders — including Hillary Clinton — look stupid…

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@BarackObama Oh please. If your plan is so good, why aren't you on it?
— Bea Samuel (@BEAYAHUS) October 25, 2016

One would think that after suffering the sort of colossal public humiliation President Obama suffered after news broke that Obamacare premiums will shoot up next year, he might want to lie low for a while.
But, evidently, one would be wrong. Obama’s minions at OFA are pushing Obamacare harder than ever…

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P&G sales could be "lumpy" ahead – analyst

– http://www.reuters.com/USVideoBusiness

Morningstar’s Erin Lash tells Reuters’ Fred Katayama Procter & Gamble posted “solid” revenue, but future comparisons could pose a challenge.

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We’re in the election home stretch, and it’s time for Team Hillary to pull out all the stops. Or maybe it’s time for them to just stop:

Our new closing argument.https://t.co/sbbaaEH4GR
— Brian Fallon (@brianefallon) October 25, 2016

Here’s that “closing argument”:

Donald Trump basically cutting a campaign ad after the 2008 election for his lifelong friends, the Clintons…

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Throughout history, the written word has been preserved on walls, scrolls, tablets, and anything else that might be etched or painted. While many great works have survived, far more have been lost throughout history. As historians piece together what we have, what we have lost becomes clearer. 10The Lost Plays Of Athens Photo credit: Marie-Lan […]
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Britons protest over Heathrow expansion approval

– http://www.reuters.com/USVideoBusiness

Dozens of people protest outside the British parliament as the government approves a new $22 billion project to expand London’s Heathrow Airport.

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Caterpillar Inc has had a slight increase in aftermarket equipment part sales and dealer quotes to rebuild large mining trucks in recent months, but not enough to call it a sales recovery, company executives said on Tuesday.

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The title of this article requires no further explanation, but it does require a disclaimer. We will be discussing intense and horrifying subject matter, and the videos discussed in this list are shocking to any sense of human decency. Although many of these videos have been posted online, we do not know which if any […]
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